Nintendo surprise drops three indie titles on the Switch eShop including Prison Architect

Nintendo today released a new Indie Highlights presentation, which focused on a host of upcoming titles from independent developers which are coming to the Nintendo Switch soon. Among the announcements, Nintendo dropped three new titles which are already available or coming later today on the hybrid console's eShop platform.

Probably the biggest surprise of the event, as it was both a new announcement and an immediate release, is Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition. For those unaware, Prison Architect is a management game which sees players build and maintain a prison, keeping the inmates happy so as to avoid riots and other illegal activities.

The title has been out on other platforms for a few years, including a version for mobile devices released last year, but the Nintendo Switch version includes the All Day And A Night and Psych Ward expansions, which might add a little more value. A third expansion, Escape Mode, will also be coming to the hybrid console as a paid download later this summer. The game itself is available starting today for €29.99/$29.99.

Morphies Law is another indie title which is now available on the Nintendo eShop. The game was announced last year but it was still without a set release date until now. It's a multiplayer shooter in which players control characters which can grow or shrink in size as they take and deal damage to other players.

It's also possible to customize your character and build your own weapons by combining others. Online 4v4 matches are also features, as well as local wireless multiplayer and an option to play against bots. Morphies Law costs €19.99/$19.99 on the Nintendo Switch, but it will also be available for PCs through Steam in the future.

The last title to launch today is Bad North from developer Raw Fury. In this title, players will see themselves defending their own island from hordes of Viking invaders in strategic combat. There are many different islands to defend which allow for different strategies, and players can improve their troops as they go through the game.

The game presents itself in a cartoonish art style that looks quite striking, and the animations seem very fluid as well. Bad North costs €14.99/$14.99 on the Nintendo eShop, but it's also releasing on other consoles on August 28 and on PC later this year as part of the First on Discord program. Mobile versions are also planned, but a release date is yet unknown.

Nintendo has put quite a bit of focus on indie games since it released the Nintendo Switch, and there have been a few presentations like this in the past. With an apparent lack of major game releases in the coming weeks and months, independent developers may have a bigger chance to thrive on the platform.

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