Nokia expanding efforts to get Windows Phone Instagram app

Earlier this month, Nokia released a new Windows Phone app called #2Instawithlove, which lets people take a photo with a "classic Polaroid filter". The app then automatically generates the #2instawithlove hashtag so when the photo is uploaded to a Twitter or Facebook account, the rest of the world can see that hashtag along with the picture. Now it appears that Nokia is expanding its efforts to get Instagram owner Facebook to give in and make an app for the OS. reports that Nokia is running a web banner ad campaign pointing people to download the #2Instawithlove photo app. It's clear that Nokia is spending some of its marketing and advertising money in order to convince Facebook to make the Windows Phone Instagram app. One wonders why Nokia is spending its time and budget for such a campaign when there's been no interest on Facebook's part to join the Windows Phone development family (the "official" Facebook Windows Phone app was in fact made by Microsoft).

A recent rumor claimed that an Instagram Windows Phone port was indeed in the works, based on alleged screenshots of a developer's Windows Phone Store page. However, there's no proof that such an app is in active development and the screenshots could have been fakes.

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