November search market share: Bing down, Google up

The search battle continues and for the month of November Google was able to gain back 1.4% of the US market. Hitwise, a company that monitors web traffic, reports that Google was able to take 71.6% of the overall search market for the month of November.

"In a report released Wednesday, Hitwise has Google on top and Yahoo and Bing in distant second and third places, respectively. Whereas Yahoo commanded a 16.1 percent search share for October, but declined to 15.4 percent in November. Microsoft and Bing had a smaller decline -- 9.6 percent in October to 9.3 percent in November -- but a decline nonetheless," cites

With the upcoming merger of the Yahoo and Bing search engines, Microsoft is looking to further claw into Google's search dominance. With a combined theoretical search share of 24.7%, Microsoft will still be far behind Google once it becomes the engine behind Yahoo's search.

Google is not sitting idle either; they have introduced a new search interface that is currently being beta tested. As the market heats up, expect to see more innovative search options from both Microsoft and Google as they fight for your searchers.

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