Nvidia Detonator 5 Drivers confirmed

After my post a while ago on the 30x det 5's it looks like Warp2search has got hold of some more info.

While visiting eVGA forum site, Mark Fox pointed me to a link asking about the Nvidia Detonator 5 Drivers. The administrator of the forum, whom ever it is, replied saying that they are still going though quality control test. Is this true and do they actually exist?

Hmmm, seems to me that this is looking truer by the moment, but nahhh, can't be. Like why would such information just be given away? Then I decided to contact eVGA myself to find out. When they surprising despite how securely Nvidia like to keep they product development a secret, eVGA replied. In the email they confirmed that the Nvidia Detonator 5 is currently in development and that eVGA are currently doing quality control on the one they have.

So this confirms that they Det 5 does exist, but for the version number, they are keeping tight lipped saying Quality control can take a while and we do not give out version information before the release because they are subject to change.

News source: Warp2search.net

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