Paced Walking arrives on Google Fit to help you meet exercise goals

Paced Walking in the Google Fit app

Google has announced a new feature called Paced Walking for Google Fit. With this feature, you can plug in a pair of headphones and listen to an audio beat that you can walk in step with. The beat’s speed can be adjusted if you want to walk a bit quicker and can be played over the top of music or podcasts.

Using the Paced Walking feature will allow you to set the right pace to start acquiring Heart Points in Google Fit which are awarded for every minute that you walk at a pace of 100 steps or more per minute. Securing Heart Points should get you well on the way to meeting the World Health Organization’s recommendation of doing at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.

According to Rob Harle, a research scientist for Google Fit, Paced Walking was designed to make exercise accessible to more people. He said:

“Studies show there is a lot of disparity when it comes to fitness; many people don’t have access to gyms or workout studios, or can’t afford equipment or online classes. Walking is something almost everyone has access to, and picking up the pace can increase the health benefits.”

To use the Paced Walking feature, press the plus icon in the bottom right corner, select Track workout, and then select Paced walking from the dropdown. You can then set the pace goal and hit the start button to begin.

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