Panasonic starts it's own recycling program

Panasonic Corporation of North America has decided to jump on the environmentally friendly bandwagon by starting up their own nationwide TV and electronics recycling program. Unlike the program announced by Samsung in September, Panasonic will be teaming with a third party, in this case, Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company, LLC (a joint venture operated by Panasonic, Sharp, and Toshiba) to handle the actual process of collecting and recycling consumer electronics such as televisions and computers. Panasonic's program is also going to start off a little more slowly with drop off points being available in only ten states, though they expect to open centers in all 50 states by the year 2010.

To aid this initiative, Panasonic is also pledging to make their own products more recyclable and energy efficient. The company also plans to cut greenhouse emissions to their year 2000 levels, by the year 2010, despite continued growth of the company and a subsequent increase in manufacturing.

Link: List of available collection centers

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