Phil Schiller says white iPhone is no thicker than the black one despite proof

Got a question for Apple and don't want to email Steve Jobs? Now it turns out tweeting Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller is a real option, just as Ernesto Barron did when he wanted to know if it was true that the white iPhone is indeed thicker than the black version. The answer? It isn't.

Interestingly Schiller decided to Direct Message Ernesto instead of publicly tweeting his reply, though he must surely have known his correspondence was going to find its way into the public domain regardless. What's even more interesting though is that despite evidence across the Internet to the contrary - the white model iPhone 4 is actually 0.2mm thicker - Phil Schiller claims the white  model is actually no thicker than its black counterpart. 

It is not thicker, don’t believe all the junk that you read  

Perhaps the 'don't believe everything you read' part was actually referring the his own message, seeing as it was plain wrong? 

As for the authenticity of the whole thing, 9to5Mac was allowed to sign into Ernesto Barron's Twitter account to verify the Direct Message, which they apparently did using both the web interface and Twitter for Mac. No guessing as we have to do when we receive claims of Steve Jobs emails. 

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