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06 February 2012
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Alfonso is a self-confessed news junkie living somewhere in Sounthern Italy (Campania), not too far from Naples. Thanks to his friends, he got addicted with computers, video games and ICT technology in his teen years and thus far he has never abandoned the way of the silicon. One cloudy day, maybe it was 1997 or 1998, he went on the Internet to download some M.A.M.E. (yes, that god-made emulator masterpiece) related stuff and his life became "connected" forever. He started his computer "career" with MS-DOS 5.something and is mainly a Windows-guy who likes tinkering with hardware, software, partitions and everything "retro" (computer-related). Oh, and he plays video games every single time he can afford it.

In 2006 Alfonso started following his new career path as a writer for non-professional and (afterward) professional Italian sites and publications about ICT and technology, and in June 2008 he opened his multi-language blog (Italian and English) pompously naming it "Sir Arthur's Den". Aside from and the aforementioned blog, right now Alfonso writes for Punto Informatico - one of the most read ICT news sites in Italy.

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