Pioneer kills HDTVs, RIP Kuro

When Pioneer last year announced that it was shutting down its plasma panel production line HDTV enthusiasts hearts skipped a beat. Today we have learned from the HD Guru that Pioneer has pulled the plug any on further production of HDTVs.

The biggest draw to Pioneer plasma TVs was the Kuro line of HDTV which was considered to be the best in class plasma with its unrivaled level of color reproduction that has yet to be matched in the industry.

Pioneer has not publicly made an announcement yet but "according to industry sources and confirmed by a Nikkei News report Pioneer Corp. is ending production of its highly rated plasma HDTVs and will be exiting the TV business"

When Panasonic (Pioneer's soon to be provider for its panels) announced that it would delay the opening of a new plasma panel factor to early 2010 it was the final blow for Pioneer. After Pioneer closed the doors on its factory it needed the Panasonic panels to continue producing TVs; the delay may have also gotten Pioneer out of a contract obligation to purchase the panels.

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