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Pixel 4 devices and higher get Feature Drop that adds vaccine pass shortcuts

At a Glance now lets you see your Ring Doorbell feed

Google has released the latest Feature Drop update for Pixel 4 devices and above. It brings several new features including pocket operator for Pixel, COVID-19 vaccine pass home screen shortcuts, three new At a Glance features, Pride Month wallpapers, and conversation mode in the Sound Amplifier app to help hearing-impaired people have a conversation and filter out background noise.

The first new item with this update is support for an app called pocket operator for Pixel which lets you record a video and turn it into music and video cut-ups. The app allows you to layer sounds, add beats, use visual effects and more to make unique creations. The app is now available for Pixel 5 and newer Pixels.

To save you time at airports, the update also lets you screenshot your vaccine pass and then save that screenshot on your home screen. Google says this will save you time as you won’t have to mess around looking for the vaccine passport app while you are queueing for a flight or trying to enter a venue that requires a pass. The feature is available only in Australia, Canada, and the United States at this time.

At a Glance, the widget next to the clock on your home screen, now has three more features. First, you can access your Nest Doorbell feed to see who’s at your door. This feature requires you to have the Google Home or Nest app installed too. The second new item is a flashlight reminder; if you leave your torch on, At a Glance will kindly remind you that the torch is still on so you don’t forget to turn it off. The third item, which is coming soon, is Air Quality alerts so if you’re sensitive to pollution, you’ll know when to stay indoors. The air quality feature will arrive first in the U.S., Australia, and India.

To celebrate Pride Month, Google has decided to include several wallpapers made by illustrator Yann Bastard. They will feature in the Curated Culture collection if you want to apply them – there are three to choose from.

Finally, people with a Pixel 3 or higher can use conversation mode in the Sound Amplifier app to focus on someone’s speech and remove background noise. The feature uses deep learning models that use audio and visual signals to separate speech from background noise. To use the feature, you just point your camera at the person you want to hear properly.

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