Police officials reveal details of the Megaupload raid

Thursday's shut down of the file sharing site Megaupload on piracy charges were just part of the moves made on the company by US government law enforcement officials. The FBI, working with local New Zealand police, also raided the mansion of Megaupload's founder Kim Dotcom (formerly Kim Schmitz).

Now Reuters reports that more information about the raid on Dotcom's mansion has come to light. Police officials in New Zealand said that when they began the raid, Dotcom refused to let them enter the premises. Detective Inspector Grant Wormald said, "Despite our staff clearly identifying themselves, Mr Dotcom retreated into the house and activated a number of electronic-locking mechanisms."

Ultimately, Dotcom barricaded himself into a safe room when police officers broken into the mansion. Police had to cut through the safe room's doors to finally get to and arrest Dotcom. Wormald said, "Once they gained entry into this room, they found Mr Dotcom near a firearm which had the appearance of a shortened shotgun. It was definitely not as simple as knocking at the front door."

As we have reported earlier this week, police officials seized a number of vehicles at DotCom's mansion as a result of the raid. The cars had custom license plates with names like KIMCOM, HACKER, STONED, GUILTY, MAFIA, GOD and POLICE.

Dotcom and three other Megaupload team members are currently in jail awaiting a hearing on Monday. Three other people also charged in the case are still at large.

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