Poll: Do you like the new design style of Windows 10?

The design of Windows is changing. Gone are the rectangular toggle switches, horizontal pivoted views and text-heavy screens, replaced by round toggle switches, hamburger menus and text-and-graphical screens. But do you like the change?

Microsoft has made many alterations to its upcoming version of Windows to make it more similar to predominant trends in the tech industry, and the most apparent changes are moving away from the more distinct elements of Windows 8. On computers and large tablets, that means the Charms bar is gone. On smartphone and small tablets, that means overhauling important apps such as Outlook so they match the general style found in the leading mobile operating systems, Android and iOS.

Metro, the name Microsoft originally coined for its distinct design style, is clearly evolving, though some of its principles remain. Live tiles are still being used to provide quick glances at app notifications and other information, and text and fonts are still important, though not as much as before.

Do you like where Microsoft's updated design style is heading? Are there specific things you want to see changed? Vote in the poll below and comment with specific views!

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