First look at Windows 10 for small devices

When Windows 10 was announced, we were promised a unified experience and app ecosystem. Today, we get our first glimpse of how Windows 10 will look for upcoming 8-inch and under devices.

Although the images come from an extremely early build that is far from final, according to the folks over at WinBeta, the experience, so far, has been pleasant. This edition of Windows 10 relies more on the phone experience, eliminating the desktop experience found in the PC version of Windows 10. Naturally, apps that aren't designed to take advantage of a larger screen do not work well but again, this is an early build.

By making use of the three dots menu in the bottom right corner, accessing expanded options for applications feels natural due to the thumbs positioning towards the bottom of the screen. While these images are not from a final build, they do give us a glimpse of what Microsoft is planning for smaller Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft will likely have prepared a much improved version of Windows for this size of device at its upcoming BUILD event; Windows 10 will be released to the general population sometime this Summer.

Source: WinBeta | Images via WinBeta

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