PowerUser.TV e50: EU Fines Microsoft, Zune, Wi-Fi & More!

This week the team burns through some tech news, including (but not limited to) the EU slaps Microsoft with a ton of fines, the house votes to crack down on internet gambling and it turns out a majority of podcast listeners are Star Trek fans (is that true gang?). Also Microsoft makes an "iPod killer" called the Zune to which the team (or at least Kristin) responds with a resounding "meh".

In gaming news the team discusses a Sony "anti-used game" patent, inform you that Oblivion has come out with a new expansion pack and laugh at Uwe Boll. No wait, they laugh with him. Yet another console is getting ready to hit the streets and Microsoft's Zune will hook into the 360 but won't play games. Huh?

This is episode 50 folks. A big shout-out to our IRC peeps and all those who post on the forums and give us love. If it wasn't for you we'd...be talking to ourselves. Thank you!

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