PowerUser.TV e57: $1.65B for YouTube, Live A Priority & More

In this episode, the gang talks about Google acquiring YouTube for $1.65 billion which leads them to reminisce about Internet Deals From Hell (the ones that didn't live up to the money). Microsoft claims that Windows Live is it's top priority (even over Windows Vista) and Brad gives them a few business tips as well as discussing his latest article, "So, ya want Microsoft to do it for ya, eh?"

Derek talks about a new breakthrough in television technology; the Laser TV. Despite the potential Awesome Factor, Brad, of course, has his doubts... Kristin fills us in on a dual-mode chip that can power Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players in one unit. Will it make it to production? Brad explains some of the hot new features in WindowBlinds 5.1 and we briefly touch on Internet gaming (gambling) sites moving overseas to the EU.

Since Joel couldn't make it this week (and in lieu of any actual gaming news), we talk about GameStop/EBGames accepting Wii pre-orders starting on Friday the 13th, Kristin runs down the Top 10 "Best Selling" games of September and Microsoft hits the road for a video game ratings publicity tour. Brad discusses some of the new features in Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar and briefly touches on Sins of a Solar Empire. Brad wraps it all up with news of the 2006 GUI Championships.

Even though Joel was unable to join us, we've still got all the rants, tangents and laughs you're used to and keep asking for... so download it now, MegaChump!

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