Pre-order the Xbox One, get an achievement [Update]

Earlier today at E3, Microsoft announced the price point for the upcoming Xbox One console. While many people feel that $499 is too expensive for the new gaming machine, others are more than happy to fork over their hard-earned money for the Xbox.

If you're one of the latter, you can pre-order the box from Amazon. Although the major advantage to pre-ordering is that you'll be more likely to get a console at launch, Microsoft is throwing in a few other surprises as well.

First of all, you'll receive a "limited edition controller," although there are no details of what exactly that means. You'll also receive a "day one" decal and premium packaging (which you'll probably promptly throw away). Then there's the crown jewel: a code you can use to get a "Day One" achievement. There's no word as to how many points this achievement is worth, but it'll definitely be a status symbol amongst your gaming friends.

Other online retailers, such as GameStop, are also accepting pre-orders, but have not yet shared details on what they'll include.

Will these extra goodies sway you to pre-order the Xbox One? Or are you going to take a "wait and see" approach to the latest generation of gaming and entertainment?

UPDATE: Microsoft has posted information on their Xbox site detailing specifics of the "Day One" bundle. It looks like the limited edition controller simply says "Day One 2013" in the middle, and is all housed in a nice looking box. Still, considering it doesn't cost any extra, it's nice for Microsoft to recognize the early adopters, even if it isn't with anything substantial. You can see the picture above.

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