ProtonMail launches encrypted contacts manager

The team behind ProtonMail have bundled a new version of Contacts for ProtonMail which has been in development for over a year. It now boasts more functionality and has also been dubbed the “world’s first tool for securely managing your contacts.” Indeed, the new implementation is very secure, not even ProtonMail can decrypt the contact details that you store.

In a blog post, ProtonMail said:

“ProtonMail’s new contact manager uses zero-access encryption in order to protect the details of your contacts. Zero-access encryption means that the protect contact fields are encrypted in such a way that only you are able to decrypt and read them, not even ProtonMail can read them. In our new encrypted contacts manager, the protected contact details are shown within an area with a lock icon.”

With the new contacts manager, a feature called digital signature verification has been added, this is denoted with a tick icon by each data field and acts as a guarantee that nobody else has tampered with the information that you have previously entered.

Right now, the new contacts manager is only available in the web version of ProtonMail, however, it still has to arrive on the mobile apps on iOS and Android, the team behind ProtonMail said this is a near term task.

Source: ProtonMail | Image via Person Centered Tech

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