ProtonVPN servers arrive in Portugal, the firm's thirtieth country

ProtonVPN has announced its arrival in its 30th country to date, Portugal. The firm has recently been expanding to countries around Europe, with its most recent expansion being into Luxembourg. As with other expansions, the four new servers in Portugal are only available to paying customers.

In order to use server PT#1, you’ll need to be subscribed to the Basic plan, in order to use PT#2-4 you’ll need to be on the even more premium Plus or Visionary plans. A use case the firm gave for expanding into Portugal was that it would allow Portuguese users that were abroad to connect with Spotify Portugal, which only costs €6.99 a month, cheaper than in some other countries.

Members of ProtonVPN Plus or Visionary that use the exclusive PT#2-4 servers will also be able to use the Secure Streaming feature, which allows you to stream content from Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix, Channel 4, Channel 5, and other video sites without compromising your online security.

It has been necessary for ProtonVPN to double to size of its network in the past five months to keep up with the number of new users. In that period, 80 new servers have been added situated in 15 new countries. In August, the firm asked users where they’d like to see new servers added; Portugal ranked 14th in the poll.

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