Quakecon 06: Enemy Territory Quake Wars!

Our little buddy Oompa is very lucky as he is currently in attendance over at Quakecon 06 in Dallas, Texas. Quakecon is currently in Day Two mode, and while a ton of stuff has come out of the conference so far, I think the biggest news so far is a large, 38 minute long presentation of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars by representatives from id Software and Splash Damage.
Several sites have posted previews and news on the goings on at Quakecon so far. AMDZone has one such preview, as does Gamespy. The most impressive preview of course is from Planetquake, which offers as I said before a large 38 minute presentation of Quake Wars. The demo is on a map called Valley, and is demonstrated by Kevin Cloud of id Software and Paul Wedgewood from Splash Damage. Do yourselves a favor, download it now. It is a very impressive showing for Quake Wars.
Quakecon isn't all about Quake Wars though, there is some other news that came out of the conference so far. Including a nice preview of Call of Duty 3 for Xbox 360. Oh and before I forget, it was confirmed at Quakecon earlier that indeed a "limited" public demo of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars would be upcoming. So yeah, I guess it is all about Quake Wars.

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