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Quake II returns to action with new enhanced edition, out now with crossplay and more

While leaks ruined the surprise somewhat, id Software unveiled a new and improved version of Quake II at QuakeCon 2023 today.

This new multiplatform release is described as being the "authentic, enhanced and complete version of the original." Plus, the package now includes a variety of extra goodies like Quake II 64 and more.

This is not the first time that id Software has brought back one of its classic games at QuakeCon with new improvements. In 2021, the original Quake from 1996 received a range of improvements and new content, while also coming to modern platforms with 4K support and more.

Just like that release, the newly updated version of Quake II features widescreen display support going up to 4K (on some platforms), while models, enemy animations, gore, AI behaviors, cinematics, lighting, and other visual effects have all been revamped.

Some unused content from the original release has also been restored in this version. Head over to Bethesda's developer blog to read more about the improvements.

Screenshot from enhanced edition of Quake II

For those unfamiliar with the sci-fi campaign of Quake II, here's how id describes the experience that can be played both solo and in co-op while rocking out to Sonic Mayhem's soundtrack:

Mankind is at war with the Strogg, a hostile alien race that attacked Earth. In response, humanity launched a strike on the Strogg homeworld...it failed, but you survived. Outnumbered and outgunned, fight your way through fortified military installations and shut down the enemy's war machine. Only then will the fate of humanity be known.

The classic Reckoning and Ground Zero mission packs are included too. Moreover, just like last time, Wolfenstein studio MachineGames has contributed a brand-new expansion for fans dubbed Call of the Machine.

Screenshot from enhanced edition of Quake II

The Midway-published Nintendo 64 port of Quake II is also included in the package as a bonus, carrying 28 campaign levels and one more multiplayer deathmatch map.

Speaking of deathmatch, on the multiplayer side of things, the enhanced edition features matchmaking, custom rooms, and bots now to enjoy in the iconic fast-paced experience.

Of course, local split-screen play is remaining a feature, with PC and Xbox Series X|S gaining support for 8-players. Cross-play is also being supported across all platforms.

The enhanced version of Quake II is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch for $9.99.

Being a Microsoft launch, Xbox and PC Game Pass subscribers can also jump in for no extra cost. Players on Steam that already owned the original PC version have received the upgrade for free.

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