Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Neon Dawn deploys laser gates and updates Skyscraper

Today, Ubisoft unveiled the fourth major update of the year that's incoming to its tactical multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege, and it carries a brand new operator plus a map rework, alongside several other gameplay changes.

Dubbed Operation Neon Dawn, the update's sole new operator is Aruni, a Defender heading in from Thailand. Her indestructible laser emitting gadget, Surya Gates, can be deployed on walls, windows, hatches, and doors, whether they are reinforced or not, and they destroy any drone, gadget, or utility that crosses the grid. Enemy operators that go through the lasers also get damaged, while for friendlies, they turn off automatically for a short duration.

However, whenever a laser gate is triggered by any gadget or enemy, it becomes disabled, giving the opposition an opportunity to breach through. Aruni or another defender must shoot the Surya Gates gadgets to reactivate them once they get disabled.

Skyscraper is the latest map to receive the rework treatment, and Ubisoft has taken out many of the balconies to make it a little easier for the defenders. There will also be three bomb sites now, plus brand new roof traversal and second-floor connectors for bringing up operator mobility.

Other improvements in this season include a Hibana change that lets her choose whether to shoot two, four, or six of her explosive pellets, Echo's Yokai drones have lost their invisibility, and Jager's gadgets now have infinite charges but will need to recharge between every projectile they take out. Lastly, the defender runout timer before attackers are notified has been shortened to one second.

The Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 season four Neon Dawn update is coming to the PC test server tomorrow, November 9, and will deploy to the full version of the game across all platforms for free once Ubisoft deems it ready for prime time.

The FPS also landed on the Xbox Game Pass for Console subscription recently, and those players will be gaining all these new additions as well. There are free next-gen upgrades waiting for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 players as well.

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