Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion has knockdown and electrifying gadgets

First details of Rainbow Six Siege's fourth free expansion of the year, Operation Wind Bastion, came earlier this month, with promises of a more expansive look during the Pro League Finals. Today, that came to pass, with Ubisoft fully detailing the upcoming two Moroccan operators' abilities as well as giving a deeper look into the new Fortress map.

As seen in the gameplay video above, Kaid arrives as the new defending operator, who is equipped with a new way to electrify reinforcements and basic metal gadgets, a la Bandit. Named the Electroclaw, the new gadget can be thrown to surfaces where, after a short delay, it will electrify any reinforced walls and hatches, as well as deployed shields and barbed wire in its area of effect.

For the attacking side, Nomad arrives with her Airjab Launcher. This non-lethal sticky gadget is fired from her primary weapon, and just like Kaid's claw, it functions over an area. If an enemy comes close to a deployed Airjab, it will knock them down for a short period, making them easy targets to anyone nearby. This will be especially useful as a counter to the shield-wielding Clash from Grim Sky.

Meanwhile, the new Fortress map, which happens to be a military training facility as well as Kaid's home, is a two-floored design with heavy attacking access points through the roof. There will be two bomb sites to choose from on each floor.

There's no release date attached to Wind Bastion just yet, but expect it to hit the Rainbow Six Siege test servers first as usual. Moreover, Ubisoft will be unveiling what they have planned for the game's fourth year of support later, while Wind Bastion is active, so it'll probably be announced towards the end of the year. Also, there are some changes planned for the game as it prepares to enter new Asian markets, with in-game assets featuring blood, skulls, gambling, and more being removed soon.

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