Report: Buyers Think PS3 Will be Under $300

A report by Compete says that 48% of US gamers surveyed think buying a PS3 will cost under $300 at launch, and upon being told the actual launch price 60% thought it to be too expensive. It isn't all bad for Sony though, 63% of PS2 owners are thinking about buying a PS3, where just 39% of Gamecube owners are thinking of buying a Wii.

This survey would imply that Playstation owners are more loyal than Nintendo ones, especially as 40% of Gamecube owners questioned said they were thinking of buying a PS3 this time around. The report by Compete also looked at demand for consoles on online retailing websites. This month for the first time demand for both the PS3 and the Wii has exceeded that of the Xbox 360. At present, demand for the PS3 is the highest in the US.

Now all US gamers need is some PS3 consoles to buy.

News source: Compete

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