RIAA admits file sharing is here to stay

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Illegal music download sites will never be eradicated, the president of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has admitted -Gee...It has taken them how long to come to this conclusion?-Ed

Cary Sherman told BBC News Online that music would always be available for free somewhere on the net despite costly court battles to shut down illegal music sites.

He said the aim was to bring the proliferation of sites under control so that business were free to continue to make money.

"Our aim is not to completely eliminate music piracy or illegal peer-to-peer services altogether, " said Mr Sherman.

"As long as it is within a reasonable amount of control then we will be happy but we are still a long way from that."

Mark Mulligan, an analyst with Jupiter Research, agreed that the music industry would never fully be able to eradicate illegal file sharing.

"There will always be those willing to develop alternative illegal services."

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News source: BBC News

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