Messenger Plus! 2 BETA 2.00.16

Thank you SMG for reporting this in our beloved BPN forum. This is another build of Patchou's Messenger Plus! software that most people just can't seems to do without. There were no new features being introduced and it was rather just minor bug fixes. Here's what Patchou said:

    I'm leaving in 12 hours but I felt lik I had to release a version 2.00.16 before I go anywhere... today when I was chatting at work, I foudn out that using /me commands with 2.00.15 with emoticons didn't produce good results. It is due to some testing I've done before the release of this version and I forge to remove some comments in my code. Please accept my apologizes and download version 2.00.16. Only other fix: going in the Appearance tab (where the language is displayed) shouldn'T crash your Messenger anymore.

    Go Patchou Go!

That's right, go Patchou! Go!

Download: Messenger Plus! 2 BETA 2.00.16

Download: Messenger Plus! 2 BETA 2.00.16 (mirror)

News source: Messenger Plus!

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