Rumor: Windows Phone "Tango" landing in early June

Another hour, another rumor about Windows Phone. Earlier today we heard a rumor that all Windows Phone 7 devices will get the update to Windows Phone 8 codenamed "Apollo", only to have it refuted several hours later. Now we're hearing that the "Tango" update (or should I say "Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh") to Windows Phone 7 will be coming to phones worldwide sometime in early June.

This rumor comes from Spanish site Mi Movil Windows, which claims to have sourced the information from a Spanish service provider and a phone OEM. Previously we heard that Tango would be arriving in April - it's obviously a bit late for a launch now - but Mi Movil Windows says that the launch has been delayed so that the Tango roll-out can occur simultaneously across all devices and carriers. 

This also fits inside the rough Q2 2012 timeframe that we saw late last year in a leaked roadmap; although the validity of any of these claims will only be seen in time. A June roll-out does seem plausible though, as it is likely going to be the month that the Tango-powered Nokia Lumia 610 will launch (although Nokia has not officially announced this).

Tango is minor update for Windows Phone that allows devices to run with just 256 MB of RAM, amongst other minor features that help bring the operating system to lower price points and developing markets. The bigger Windows Phone update will come closer to the end of the year when we should be seeing Windows Phone 8 launched, codenamed "Apollo".

Thanks to Alex for the tip!

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