Samsung has a dig at iPhone with new 'Growing Up' ad

The Apple iPhone was revolutionary when it first came out but as time has passed, many of its competitors have either caught up or surpassed the device when it comes to specifications or design. Samsung has highlighted this in its latest commercial, showing off just how much better its handsets have been over the years compared to its competitor.

'Growing Up' follows the story of a young man who makes the choice to purchase an iPhone when it is first released in 2007 and shows how he lives with subsequent models over the course of his life. During this time, he meets a woman, who chooses to use a Samsung instead. As time passes and each company releases its new respective models, it seems that the gentleman is having doubts about his iPhone and its performance, compared to his partner who uses Galaxy handsets.

In each scenario, Samsung shows off how its devices are superior each year compared to the Apple equivalent, highlighting that it offered water resistance and wireless charging when Apple didn't. It even touts how its handsets in 2017 still offer a 3.5mm headphone jack.

After years of seeing his significant other enjoy the perks of owning a Samsung, he finally upgrades to a Galaxy Note8, ditching his iPhone. As the commercial closes, the young man is walking past a line of people waiting for the new iPhone X, with Samsung even throwing an extra bit of fun by having a person in line with a somewhat distinctive haircut.

It follows a recent ad released by Samsung that seemingly looked to capitalize on issues affecting the display found in the Google Pixel 2 XL.

Source: Samsung (YouTube)

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