Samsung kept quiet about a new replacement Galaxy Note7 exploding

It is not even surprising anymore that the Galaxy Note7 fiasco has been a nightmare for Samsung. After issuing a voluntary recall over the past month regarding the new flagship handset, the Korean tech giant sent out replacement units to those who were affected. However, it seems that the new devices are just as unsafe. It was reported just a few days ago that a replacement Note7 unit caught fire in an airplane in the US, even after powering down the device.

Today, a new incident regarding the infamous Samsung device has surfaced, and it seems that even the company is running out of options on what to really do. A man named Michael Klering, from Nicholasville, Kentucky in the United States woke up one day at 4 AM to see that his replacement Galaxy Note7 device had caught fire, and that his room was filled with smoke.

“I was scared to death for a minute,” Klering said. He claims that he only had the Note device a little over a week before the issue happened. “The phone is supposed to be the replacement, so you would have thought it would be safe. It wasn’t plugged in. It wasn’t anything, it was just sitting there."

Klering later in the day felt sick, so he headed to a hospital's emergency room. “I was vomiting black so it was very scary. It was a lot of black stuff and it didn’t look right," he said. He was later diagnosed with acute bronchitis, which was due to the inhaled smoke emitted by the Galaxy Note7.

Moreover, Klering stated that Samsung wanted possession over his Note device, but he refused to hand it over. However, he says Samsung did pay to have the phone x-rayed. At this point, he felt that the company was helping him with his issue over the phone, until he got a message from a Samsung representative which obviously was not meant for him to see. It reads:

"Just now got this. I can try and slow him down if we think it will matter, or we just let him do what he keeps threatening to do and see if he does it"

Klering is now seeking legal help. Furthermore, he also wants to get the information out to the public, to raise awareness about the risks over using a Galaxy Note7. "They're in kid’s pockets, people's cars, all kinds of things. We saw with the first ones. Samsung needs to do something to get these off the market,” he concluded.

Samsung still hasn't commented regarding this new incident. However, it is becoming clear that if the company will not make any concrete moves to fix the problem with the Galaxy Note7, it could soon face a big mess in the future, not only with the company's future, but with customers' safety as well.

Source: WKYT via Sammobile

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