Samsung might replace the notification LED with 'Smart Glow'

Last year's Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung might be ditching the notification LED found on many of today’s devices, in favor of a notification ring, which the company is dubbing Smart Glow.

The feature was spotted in some reportedly leaked materials from Samsung, which describe Smart Glow as “an alternative to the notification LED”, which sits on the back of the device around the camera lens. Smart Glow can be configured by users to display priority notifications of different colors, based on the type of notification: phone call, e-mail, text message etc.

Another Smart Glow feature is the so called selfie assist. This lets users take selfies with the more powerful camera on the back of the device, which until now has been tricky. But Smart Glow can help by flashing colors when the camera detects faces in frame and let the user know when he or she should snap the picture.

There’s speculation that the Smart Glow feature might show up first on the Samsung Galaxy J2, this year’s model of Samsung’s selfie phone, destined for Asian markets.

The company hasn’t confirmed anything officially just yet, but the Galaxy J2 is expected to launch soon so we won’t have to wait too long to see if Smart Glow will come to market.

Source and images: GalaxyClub Via: SamMobile

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