Samsung Speeds Up World's Highest Capacity 2.5" Drives

Until now, 200GB 2.5" hard disk drives have only been available with a 4200rpm motor speed. Samsung Electronics has announced a new lineup of 2.5" hard disk drives that includes a model with 200GB capacity and 7200rpm motor speed. Samsung's SpinPoint MP1-series products will be available in 80GB, 120GB, 160GB and 200GB capacities with 8MB or 16MB cache. The new family features 7200rpm spindle speed as well as Serial ATA-300 interface with support for native command queuing technology that can improve computer's responsiveness when the hard drive is used very intensively. In order to improve reliability of SpinPoint MP1 hard drives, Samsung implemented a rotary vibration controller (which prevents the head from leaving the track under severe vibration conditions) and an optional digital free-fall sensor to protect the disk drive from vibration and shock.

The electronics equipment maker said that MP1-series is designed for enterprise applications such as workstations, RAID servers, and blade servers. Nevertheless, nothing prevents makers of mobile computers to install them into their machines. Mass production of Samsung SpinPoint MP1 is scheduled for May, directly following sample availability in early May.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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