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Samsung wins the right to view the Apple/HTC licensing deal

Oh Samsung, things might be starting to go your way. Following Apple and HTC entering into a 10 year patent licensing deal, Samsung have won the right to view the details of that deal.

Samsung has said that they are “almost certain” that the Apple/HTC deal will contain information that is relevant to their on-going fight with Apple in the US courts, and they should be allowed to view the information and draw comparisons. And for once a US judge agrees with Samsung, ordering Apple to reveal the agreement in full, immediately. Although, according to Reuters, the full agreement will only be viewed by attorneys-eyes-only.

At the time, the details were kept quiet by both HTC and Apple, but speculation and rumour has HTC tipped to pay Apple between $6 and $8 for every smartphone they produce; HTC has already responded to the speculation as an "outrageous number" but does also point out they were happy with the outcome of their deal.

With appeals and countersuits in motion from both Apple and Samsung’s legal camps, this could be the turning point in the patent wars between the two.

Source: ZDNet

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