Seagate announces external 512GB SSD for Xbox One, coming this month

Seagate's Game Drive for Xbox SSD

The Xbox One has been capable of storage expansion since launch. Microsoft included a few USB 3.0 ports in the event owners wanted to add an external HDD (hard disk drive), allowing for more games and media to be accessible to the console outside of the console's internal HDD. If you're tired of the base model's 500GB HDD, perhaps Seagate's newly-announced external SSD (solid state drive) will pique your interest.

Available later this month, Seagate will begin selling its Game Drive for Xbox SSD. For the uninitiated, SSDs are used regularly in notebook computers and some desktops these days. They are significantly faster storage devices that allow for saved programs and content to be loaded up much quicker than traditional HDDs. Thus, pairing a Game Drive for Xbox with your Xbox One can improve load times for your Xbox One games when they're saved onto this external SSD, in addition to giving you more storage for games.

The Game Drive for Xbox SSD holds up to 512GB of games and data. It's not the largest external storage option by a long-shot but it will get your total pool of storage to about 1TB since it adds to your existing internal HDD. That allows you to store more games and DLC without having to shuffle through your game discs or digital library and reload entire games onto your existing HDD, which can take quite when mainsteam games are getting bigger every year.

Seagate's Xbox SSD is expected to be priced at $199, a bit of a steeper price compared to the numerous mechanical HDD options on the market that work with the Xbox One, but not so bad if you consider what SSDs typically sell for. Seagate previously launched a 2TB external HDD "designed exclusively for Xbox" earlier this year, priced at $109.99.

If you're in the market for one of Microsoft's numerous Xbox One S bundles this holiday season or just want to upgrade your storage situation for all those Games With Gold downloads, Seagate's Game Drive for Xbox SSD might be a worthwhile add-on to pair with your console.

Source: Seagate

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