Siri ported to iPod touch and iPhone 4

Nobody could honestly be surprised that Siri is one of the most-wanted features of the iPhone 4S, even among those who already possess an iPhone 4. For many people, changing phone is not an option at the moment; after the work of an iPhone hacker it might not even be necessary for Siri, as TechCrunch reports.

Hacker @chpwn on Twitter, posted a message reading as follows to the service:

Actually, it just worked.

It was this simple message that resulted in forty-five retweets, and also the possibility of Siri coming to older iPhones (albeit unofficially). To install Siri on an unofficially supported device it must be jailbroken. The action of installing it is shady, as it is able to somehow connect with Siri's servers even though Apple themselves would likely prefer this to be impossible. Other hackers and names within the jailbreaking community have expressed a willingness to avoid the project themselves, which highlights the significance of what has been done here.

Mark Gurman, at 9to5Mac, interviewed another iPhone jailbreaker about the news. Below is the one question that has likely been on everyone's lips. For the full interview, read the interview that has been linked.

Mark: Do you ever see Siri showing up in Cydia (or another jailbreak store) for non natively supported devices?

Steven: No, I could not be a part of that. I have no doubts that others will package this up and distribute it quasi-illegally, or try and sell it to people. I am only interested in the technology and making it work; proving that it works and works well on the iPhone 4 and other devices.

It will only be a matter of time, as Steven himself points out, until Siri finds its way across Apple's older devices, as much as Apple themselves would like to prevent it happening. Watch the two below videos for confirmation that, yes, Siri is running on Apple's older hardware.

Whether Siri will work for long on these devices is probably going to be a 'no', as Apple tries to find ways to stop them from operating, but this could be completely wrong. Anti-Apple comments on TechCrunch claim the company is trying to profit from locking out features that would work on older devices, as would be expected. Due to the community surrounding iOS however, Apple's attempts could well be questioned.

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