Snapchat shares some new details about its app redesign

For years, Snapchat users have complained about the app's bloated design and confusing interface. The firm has been touting new updates to its Android and iOS apps since the beginning of the month and now it looks like it's ready to follow through on its promise.

Per usual, when a user opens the app, they will be greeted with the camera portion that will instantly allow them to take advantage and record a moment. The firm is now making things a bit more clear by separating the personal from the more business part of the app. Going forward, your friends' content like chat and stories will be available to the left, and your content from creators or businesses can be found to the right.

The chat interface will also be improved, by organizing friends in an order that is important to you. The dynamic friends page will place the ones you talk to most towards the top, making it easier to communicate with those that matter most. While there's no word on when the updated UI will be arriving to iOS or Android, one can only assume that it will happen sooner rather than later.

Source: Snapchat via Phandroid

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