Some Verizon iPad 2 units get recalled

Apple has launched a recall on some of its iPad 2 units that have been sold by Verizon. reports that the possible reason for the recall is due to some of the iPad 2 having duplicate Mobile Equipment Identifiers (MEID) numbers. These numbers basically help Verizon's wireless network identify which devices are in fact iPad 2's on their service. One person who tried to activate his Verizon 3G service on the iPad 2 has issues and contacted Verizon. He states, "They told me that there is a batch of iPad2’s with duplicate MEID’s (which I believe are hardcoded into the device) out there and apparently I have one of them."

According to the story, some Apple Stores are scanning Verizon based iPad 2 "and if they are a certain serial number allotment, to send them back to Apple." Apple may also be offering its customers a compensation package for the trouble. The story quotes one unnamed user as saying, "I was offered a $50 credit or iPad accessory and told that my iPad would be rerouted back to me." It's currently unknown why such a duplication of MEID numbers occurred.

This is a small but still annoying issue for people who want to purchase the iPad 2 which has become hugely popular. Apple has said it has already sold 25 million iPads since the first version was launched in April 2010. Apple currently plans to sell 8 million iPad units in the current quarter that ends on June 30.

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