Sonique2 Alpha (01/05/03)

Sonique2 is a Media Player application that is currently in production by Team Sonique. It expands on many design ideas from Sonique 1.x but is built on entirely new technology. It has now been in various states of production for over 2 years.

What's New:

  • Playlist column header right click menu. it is much easier to add/remove playlist columns now

  • Player usability improvements

  • Many improvements to the visual system - added basic support for sonique2 style visuals

  • ID3 Editor improvements - it will tell sonique to re-scan a file's info after it is edited

  • MScript enhancements

  • Settings reorganization is about 1/3 done

  • Plugins can now be disabled via the settings screen

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks

  • Language and help updates
Download: Sonique2 Alpha (01/05/03) - 6.45MB

View: Sonique2 Website

News source: Betanews

Alpha builds are buggy, unsupported and unfinished. Install them at your own risk.

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