Speeding YouTube motorcyclist escapes prosecution

A British motorcyclist escaped prosecution on Friday, after allegedly posting a video of himself speeding at 100mph in a 30mph zone. The video on YouTube shows Jeremy Parrot speeding through traffic in Somerset, south-west England. He was easily tracked down by police because the clip showed him arriving back at his home address. Parrot was not prosecuted because there was insufficient evidence – no time or date on the video. The police have to give notice of a traffic offence within 14 days. Parrot's lawyer said his client was "delighted," and insisted there was never any realistic chance of a prosecution. "It's not very good video footage, there's no date and my client isn't admitting it's him," he added.

I for one, hope this doesn't encourage those who get a rush from getting themselves on film while breaking driving laws.

News source: Physorg

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