Star Citizen 3.4.0 now live, adds a business district to Lorville, new ships, and more

Cloud Imperium Games has pushed the Star Citizen Alpha 3.4.0 update to live, meaning all backers of the crowd-funded title can now jump in and test out what's new. The new build's contents aren't as massive as the innards of the previous couple of major updates, which brought along major performance advances and even an entire planet, but it still delivers a healthy injection of new activities, areas, ships, and more to experience.

Coming as Alpha 3.4.0's biggest addition is the Central Business District of Lorville, an entirely new area within the city limits that players can travel to using the "Central Line transit leaving from Leavsden Station." This district is home to the Hurston Dynamics Showroom and the Transfers Commodity Exchange, which is also where players can find one of the new mission givers, Agent Constantine Hurston.

The other new mission giver, Wallace Klim, is situated in Levski, who deals with more nefarious personalities. Alongside fixing many of the bugs in the missions department, the studio has also added new mission variants that will take players across Hurston and its moons.

Moving onto the update's ships, it brings along the new light fighter Anvil Hawk, as well as three variants for the MISC Freelancer series. There is also a new Emerald variant for the RSI Constellation, a touring module for the Origin 600i, and improvements to the MISC Reliant Kore.

These are only some of the update's highlights, as almost every part of the space game has received new features as well as polish to resolve bugs. The full Star Citizen Alpha 3.4.0 patch notes can be seen over here. As always, Cloud Imperium Games recommends those updating from earlier versions to delete their USER folder in the game's installation directory before playing.

At the same time, Cloud Imperium Games unveiled its development roadmap for the single-player Squadron 42 portion of its massive endeavor, while also announcing that the project now has a $46 million third-party investment.

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