Star Citizen presentation shows wormhole traveling, dynamic weather, and more

The Pyro system

Cloud Imperium Games held its CitizenCon 2019 event today, the once-a-year occurring convention that has developers presenting what goes behind the scenes of making Star Citizen, the crowd-funded space game. Alongside these presentations also arrived the usual live gameplay demo that the studio hosts to show off the flashy upcoming features, which this time included a whole new planet, dynamic weather, and most importantly, traveling through a wormhole to a new system.

Starting off 'small', the planet being introduced is microTech, another new addition to the Stanton solar system. This icy world was used to show off the game's fourth iteration of Planet Tech, which has dynamic weather, climates, fog, and better-looking transitions from space to the surface.

The first part of the demo (seen above) showed off the planet's New Babbage landing zone, while the second part had the player infiltrating another facility as part of a mission. This is also where we saw how harsh weather can affect poorly equipped players, with the character experiencing hypothermia before donning a cold-resistant armor set.

Moving onto the most eye-catching section of the demo, it was obviously the wormhole and the quick look at the new system - seen beginning at the 1:10:00 mark in the video below. This is the first time the studio has shown the game reaching past its original Stanton system and breaching into a brand new solar system, Pyro in this case.

Cloud Imperium Games plans to launch the new microTech world, the Planet Tech v4 upgrades, in-game currency and purchase persistence, and the first implementation of server-side object container streaming with Alpha 3.8.0 in mid-December this year. Looking more forward, jump points, the Pyro system, dynamic weather, and more will be coming in 2020.

Lastly, to those who want to try the game out without buying into a Starter Package, Cloud Imperium Games is also kicking off a Star Citizen free fly event tomorrow, Sunday, 24 November, which lasts until December 5. Different ships will be available to fly each day.

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