Starsky & Hutch screenshots

Stool pigeon Huggy Bear and the crazy cops with the coolest clothes in TV history were revealed in very first screens of the upcoming Starsky & Hutch game today. Although onloy a handfull of screens are from actual play, indications are promising.

Previous details tell of a game where one player drives the police duo's classic Ford Torino while the other shoots: how singleplayer works is yet to be explained. As you can see from the screens and development sketches, the likenesses of David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser have been realised in cartoon form for the game. And check Huggy out: the man weareth the hat of justice.

Starsky & Hutch will feature 19 levels of baddie-getting goodness, and publisher Empire is promising soundtracks from the original TV series. Including locations from the programme, the game will contain 10 square miles of city for you to race around.

Flares are making a comeback. Again. The shots prove it. You'll be playing Starsky & Hutch on PS2 and PC later this year.

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