StickyFolders 1.0 enters public Beta-testing

Published by Syberian Solutions, StickyFolders is a breakthrough product with which you can seamlessly integrate your frequently-used Internet-based remote sources of data into your desktop's filesystem and manipulate them under Windows File Explorer.

Key features:

  • highly efficient and user-friendly integration of the Internet data sources, such as files and folders residing on remote http, ftp, and Usenet news servers (more protocols are to follow) into your desktop file structure, - with the full drive letter-mapping support;
  • instant access to all types of remote files, - you don't have to pre-download them before using, in most of the cases;
  • free positioning within the remote files being opened or played, independent of the network protocol and the file format used;
  • for remote multi-media files, support for preview, smooth streaming and efficient playback;
  • a powerful and flexible download client and manager for transfers under the above protocols, with robust folder synchronisation functionality included;
  • a built-in Usenet binary news reader with radically new features, - you can play music and video right off a news server with it !
  • ability to work with the remote archive files (zips and rars), as if they were folders on a hard disk.

If you're interested in trying out this product and helping to make it better, you are invited to join the beta-testing process ! (those who will contribute essentially in beta-testing, will receive a free copy of the final product, whenever it is released)

Download: StickyFolders v1.0 Beta ( expires before Sept. 2008 ) This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system
Screenshot: >> Click here
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