T-Mobile announces the Tourist Plan; offers unlimited data for people coming to the US

Planning on taking a trip to the United States soon and wondering about what you're going to do about cellular service? No worries. T-Mobile has you covered, announcing today the Tourist Plan.

For what seems like a very low price of $30, the Tourist Plan will keep your device active on the Uncarrier's network for three weeks. You'll get unlimited data for that time, but after you use up 2 GB of the 4G LTE speed that's offered, you'll be throttled to "up to 2G speed".

The plan also offers 1,000 minutes of domestic calling, but texting is unlimited to any of over 140 countries.

If you're interested in getting the plan, you'll need an unlocked GSM phone (presumably, a T-Mobile locked phone would work, but T-Mobile's page says that unlocked is required). Once your three weeks are up, it's not renewable, but there's also no need to cancel.

T-Mobile will begin offering the Tourist Plan in its stores on June 12.

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