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Like a syndicated weekly dance program from the decade it touts so highly, Activision's Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s is Solid Gold. Actually, the publisher today just announced that the game has "gone gold,"...

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Blu-Ray format specs finalized

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Recently, the Blu-ray Disc Association announced that the format specification for its new standard has been completed, and it is now ready to begin licensing. Both the Blu-ray Disc single and dual layerspecifications have been...

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Version 1.0 of the Wireless USB (Universal Serial Bus) specification, which is being promoted as the successor to the USB data transfer method between electronics devices, should be approved by mid-May, Intel (Profile, Products, Articles)...

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The Matrix Online pricing finalized

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Warner Bros. sets the price of its film-inspired MMORPG at $49.99, with subscriptions going for $14.99 per month. With The Matrix Online's US launch just over a month away, many PC gamers...

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