TechSpot: A Steve Ballmer Story That Helps Explain Microsoft

Steve Ballmer surprised the world when he resigned from Microsoft, and everyone wondered what he would do next. Well, he surprised everyone again when announcing his impending $2 billion purchase of the LA Clippers. Boom! What a way to get a second at-bat.

The big thing most people misunderstand about Ballmer is that he’s unbelievably smart. They see him going crazy on the stage and assume the man is a joke.

I can assure you he’s anything but. Ballmer is razor sharp. Every questionable decision you think he made, he will have insights and considerations you never thought of that explain it. The man grew Microsoft from $8 million to $78 billion in annual revenue, from 30 people to almost 100,000. That is an incredible feat; you don’t do that by being a joke.

What you see on the surface is a ton of passion for Microsoft.

Read: A Steve Ballmer Story That Helps Explain Microsoft
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