TechSpot: Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 Tablet Review

Microsoft’s answer to the changing computing landscape is Windows 8, an operating system that attempts to balance the demands of traditional productivity-oriented desktops with the mobility of, well, mobile devices. Results have been mixed thus far as desktop users have complained about the ‘unnecessary’ user interface (formerly the Metro UI) while Microsoft’s pure tablet implementation - Windows RT – is limited in the software it can run.

But while Windows 8 might fall short on those two platforms, there’s a third category where it seems to fit in just perfectly – hybrids. When you think about it, hybrids are the optimal home for Windows 8 as both aspects of the operating system are in use and get to shine as they were designed to.

That brings us to today as we have Acer’s Iconia W510 hybrid up for review. The system is officially marketed as a net-tablet although the included keyboard dock essentially transforms the unit into a full-fledged PC – no Windows RT here, folks. What you’re getting here is the full Windows experience just like you would have on a traditional desktop or notebook.

Read: Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 Tablet Review

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