Temple of Element Evil Patch Available

Atari has released the second patch for The Temple of Elemental Evil. The patch can be downloaded at:


The Temple of Elemental Evil Patch 2.0 Fix Notes:

  • Fleeing enemies could sometimes cause a crash, this has been fixed.

  • Infinite loop bug involving complex pending events fixed.

  • One-handed weapons wielded two-handed calculate strength bonus properly (1.5x unless light).

  • Enhancement bonuses of projectiles no longer apply to melee attacks.

  • Criticals often did not confirm if you rolled equal to target's AC, this has been fixed.

  • Bracers no longer stack in their slot.

  • Jaer's Spheres of Fire can no longer be used as melee weapons.

  • Dust of Disappearance value corrected.

  • Masterwork Guisarme type and size corrected, it is no longer a 1-handed axe.

  • Wonnilon's Repeating Crossbow and Masterwork Light Crossbow sizes corrected, both are now useable by small races.
Download: Download Patch

News source: GameZone

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