Thanks Compaq!

After buying myself a Compaq 700ES Presario Laptop I was pretty chuffed at finally being on the "Laptop bandwagon" I personally had a thing against laptops because they are either too expensive or cannot be easily upgraded (I build my own PC's) but when you move to a new house that has limited space effectively retiring 2 of your 3 pc's a laptop becomes more of an attractive option.

I live in Holland so when I bought my 700ES Presario I got the Dutch version of XP Home Edition Pre-installed, to cut a long story short the sales person more or less assured me I could get the English "Restore CD" via Compaq support. Hmm ok I thought, let's try it then.

Phone call 1: "No problem sir, we'll send you the English recovery CD's out right away" Well, I received the Dutch recovery CD's so I called them and asked what was going on. I was told that English CD's could not be delivered to me. Oh? 3rd telephone attempt I am told that I can have the English CD's and they would be sent out right away, ok I think... finally it's sorted. Well I get the CD's the installation is in Dutch and breaks off almost immediately after starting the install so I call again, this time after saying, well don't worry about the English CD's I understand you seem to have a problem delivering them, how do I get my Dutch CD's working again? To this he just hung up.

I brought the laptop back this evening and don't intend to do business with them again.

From what I am told this happens alot, I always build my own PC's so this is a first but clear enough warning to me. If you have nightmare stories to tell after buying your pre determined system drop a comment, or is it just little old me :-(

Update: Thanks to The Stvo for this link which has some very interesting stories deriving from Compaq *cough* Customer Support *cough* which, well.. from my own personal experience isn't very supportive!

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