The Redmond Report: EP 6 - A variety of all the things

The Redmond Report is a weekly podcast at Neowin that will help you make sense of the Microsoft agenda. With the company going through a dynamic change in business strategy and revamping how it delivers products, Nadella has completely changed the Microsoft we knew under the Ballmer era.

On this episode of The Redmond Report, I cover Android apps on Windows Phone, updates to Windows 10, Sony dropping the ball and a lot more about the world of Microsoft.

A replay of the live show will be posted after the conclusion of the event.

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Good show today Brad, thanks. - Ryan

p.s. We'll just gloss over the part where you said Windows 10 was dead, and forget it ever happened :p

I have so many issues with W10M 10512. For example, dropping a tile on top of itself to create a folder just stacks them on top of each other, not creating a folder. Moving a tile around (even un-pinning) leaves empty space in the Start screen instead of filling it in with the bottom tiles. Then pressing and holding on that empyt spot opens the resize and unpin buttons even if the space doesn't have a tile!

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