Microsoft fixes issue that blocked app downloads and updates from Windows 10's Store

It's now been over two weeks since Microsoft officially launched Windows 10, and the OS has already been installed on over 25 million PCs. The verdict on Windows 10 - from both reviewers and 'ordinary' users - appears to be broadly positive, but the experience hasn't been flawless for everyone so far.

Last week, large numbers of users began reporting problems with the new Windows Store, which prevented them from downloading new apps or updating existing ones. That's obviously been quite an inconvenience for those affected - but as Mary Jo Foley reports, Microsoft has finally resolved the issue.

Many users who were experiencing the problems with the Store found their efforts to download and update apps hindered by intermittent error messages, but it appears that the issue has now been fully resolved.

However, it's not yet clear exactly what the underlying cause of the problem was, or how Microsoft fixed it. The company had previously said that it would deliver a fix via Windows Update, but that doesn't actually appear to be the case.

But whatever the method, the fix is now here - so if you've been experiencing these problems with the Store on Windows 10, restart your PC, open the Store app, and you should find that it starts working through the backlog of app updates and downloads waiting to be installed. Some of these apps won't work properly while they're being updated, but once the list is cleared, you should find that everything is working as it should.

Let us know if that sorts things out for you - or if it doesn't - in the comments below.

Source: Mary Jo Foley (ZDNet)

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