The World Series of Linux: Round 1

For untold thousands of developers around the world, it's not a game. For solution providers and their customers, it's not a game. But the world of desktop Linux has become increasingly competitive, increasingly important to the IT industry, and increasingly available for anyone to try. So we decided to take a look at some of the best-known Linux desktops available and ask one overriding question: Put to the test of usability in a standard office environment, which is the best Linux desktop in the world?

Welcome to the inaugural edition of CMP Channel's The World Series of Linux. This is the first time the CMP Channel Test Center has reviewed this number of Linux desktops across a standard hardware testbed, and put them to real-world analysis. We wanted to know whether desktop Linux was, in fact, ready for business and whether it would be worth your while. While the different distributions varied in performance and maturity, our testing has led us to one conclusion.

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